Small cardboard drawer boxes for vape oil packaging

Small cardboard drawer boxes for vape oil packaging

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The cardboard drawer boxes are shaped like drawers and are easy to open. Many people think that drawer packaging is large in size and takes up a lot of space. This is a misunderstanding. The size of the cardboard drawer boxes is mainly determined by the product, and the size of the customized packaging can be made small. Small cardboard drawer boxes are also used in a wide variety of applications, such as vape oil or electronic cigarettes.

When the side of the drawer is fixed and only one side can be opened, the convenience of opening the package needs to be considered. We usually find that ribbon pull or rope pull is set in the package, the main purpose is to improve the convenience of opening the package. If you want to make the packaging more perfect, without extra scarves or ropes, you can cut a finger-shaped notch at the edge of the drawer, and you can easily open the package by simply hooking the notch with your finger. Similarly, the white EVA inside the package needs to be provided with a curved recess in the shape of a finger to facilitate Get the vape oil.

Letting the consumer directly see a part of the product is very good for displaying the product. PVC film as a transparent window for packaging increases the exposure of the product, but does not increase the cost of packaging manufacturing. The text and images that you want to embody in the package can be printed in four colors or other special printing processes.

Small cardboard drawer boxes for vape oil packaging

Small cardboard drawer boxes for vape oil packaging.The inside of this drawer-packed box has a white EVA, fixed vape oil, and can increase the aesthetics of the interior of the package.

   Small cardboard drawer boxes with windows for vape essential oil packaging.Increase product appeal with specific packaging print content

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