Creative small cardboard round boxes for skin care packaging

Creative small cardboard round boxes for skin care packaging

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Most of the glass bottles or plastic cans containing skin care products have no printed content, and it is difficult to reflect the brand value of skin care products. In addition, glass bottles are fragile,Collisions or drops during transportation and sales will cause irreversible damage to skin care products. Custom skin care packaging boxes will solve the problems you face, and you will get amazing results.

Hard skin care product packaging can meet the most basic functions, which can protect skin care products and keep the value of skin care products stable. Among the many packaging designs, this creative Imitation bamboo cardboard tube packaging will impress customers. The packaging looks more like a cylindrical yellow bamboo, which reflects the concept that skin care is a pure natural product. The paper tube uses 350g single powder card as the main raw material, but the inner tube uses copper paper as the laminated paper, in order to improve the aesthetics of the inner tube. The pattern of the outer tube is very attractive. Many customers think it is imitation bamboo paper, but it is ordinary copper paper printed by CMYK, and its manufacturing cost is low. Creative cardboard tube boxes are used for skin care product packaging. At a low cost, through creative packaging design, it can achieve amazing results, allow brands to spread quickly, and leave a deep impression on customers.

Creative small cardboard round boxes for skin care packaging

creative small cardboard round boxes for skin care,Emboss printing is used for packaging text and patterns, making the packaging more visual. creative small cardboard round boxes for skin care packaging.Through the unique design, the appearance of the paper tube looks like yellow bamboo, and the packaging is unique and attractive creative small cardboard round boxes with lids for skin care packaging.The quality of paper tube packaging boxes is very high and can reflect the value of the product creative small cardboard round skin care packaging with emboss printing.Emboss printing increases the visual impression of the package, which can enhance the visual experience and product value of the package creative small cardboard round skin care packaging,Paper tube packaging is uniquely attractive and is the best way to promote your product and brand.

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