Creative corrugated paper food packaging for cherries

Creative corrugated paper food packaging for cherries

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Cherries are often packaging in plastic bags or PVC boxes and last for quite some time. However, this type of packaging has been resisted by more and more consumers and has been banned by more countries and regions. Plastic bags or PVC are usually made of polyvinyl chloride chemistry and do not naturally degrade into the environment, causing long-term damage to the environment. Paper food packaging has become the first choice and can be applied to cherry packaging.

Fresh cherries are heavy, 2.5KG or 5KG foods, so the load-bearing capacity requirements for the packaging are strict. Therefore, we recommend that you pack the boxes with corrugated paper. With the advancement of the printing process, corrugated packaging is no longer presented to consumers in a simple, ugly manner. For example, this corrugated cherry-packed boxes, which we show you, are attractive to consumers with the help of printed high-definition cherry pictures. In order to avoid excessive temperature in the package, ventilation holes are provided on the side of the package to effectively protect the freshness of the food. More importantly, printing brand names in custom packaging boxes will help the product use the brand to increase the value of the product and make it easier to gain customer trust. More types of corrugated food packaging, we can provide you, please feel free to contact us.

Creative corrugated paper food packaging for cherries

creative corrugated paper food boxes for cherries packaging,The boxes is sturdy and can withstand 1kg-5kg of fresh cherries creative corrugated paper food packaging for cherries,The package indicates a film-coated gel that increases the gloss and reflectivity of the package. custom corrugated paper food packaging for cherries.Creative cherry packaging can increase the value of food, customers are more willing to buy creative corrugated paper food packaging boxes wholesale.A hollow hole is provided at the edge of the package to facilitate air circulation and avoid excessive temperature inside the package. creative corrugated paper food packaging boxes.Paper packaging boxes are more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging and are biodegradable in the natural environment. creative corrugated paper food packaging boxes for cherries.The use of 3-layer E corrugated paper as the main raw material for packaging improves the load-bearing capacity of the packaging.

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