Black foldable cardboard gift boxes wholesale

Black foldable cardboard gift boxes wholesale

Main features:
  • Referral FOB price: $0.32-$0.88/pcs according to customization
  • MOQ: 500 pcs
  • We are factory in Shenzhen, China, customization available for structure, color, printing, conception, etc.
  • Free sampling and design service possible
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Protecting the gift in hard cardboard gift boxes will increase the uniqueness of the gift with a unique product package. The customer gives the packaged gift to a friend, and when the friend or family opens the gift package, they will be impressed when they see the precious gift. Gift packaging is therefore very important and can be used for commercial purposes.

Gift packaging for commercial use, can be customized according to products and brands, and print the necessary brand information and product information in gift boxes. In order to reduce manufacturing costs, global procurement packaging is often chosen, such as looking for Chinese packaging manufacturers. Undeniably, Chinese packaging providers will offer cheaper packaging prices, but the large cartons take up a lot of space and will result in expensive shipping charges. Why not consider foldable cardboard gift boxes? The foldable cardboard boxes has a special structural design that allows the package to be folded smoothly and turned into a similar cardboard. When using the package, it can be unfolded into a square package and the package is held by the magnet at the edge of the flip so that the package remains square.

The range of foldable cardboard gift wraps that can be used is extensive. Small cartons can be used to package chocolate, candles, and electronics; large folding cardboard boxes for shoes, dresses, and more. Cardboard packaging boxes with different design patterns and sizes can be provided according to your specific needs.

Black foldable cardboard gift boxes wholesale

black foldable cardboard gift boxes packaging custom,The size and style of the package can be determined according to the characteristics of the product. black foldable cardboard gift boxes,Folded gift box packaging will reduce the shipping cost of the package custom black foldable cardboard gift boxes wholesale black foldable cardboard gift boxes wholesale.Packaging specific print content will benefit product features and product value. black foldable cardboard gift boxes packaging,extra large cardboard boxes with printed gift bows black foldable cardboard boxes packaging template,The package can be completely folded, which will help reduce the space occupied when the package is vacant

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