Black cardboard tubes packaging for perfume boxes

Black cardboard tubes packaging for perfume boxes

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  • MOQ: 500 pcs
  • We are factory in Shenzhen, China, customization available for structure, color, printing, conception, etc.
  • Free sampling and design service possible
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Both men and women want to have a bottle of perfume that suits their charm and make themselves more confident and attractive. Perfume has become an important product in the cosmetics industry and fashion field, and is loved by more people. There are many types of cosmetics, and countless new brands and styles appear in the market every day, and the competition is very fierce. In order to better highlight the value of perfume brands and product values, we strongly recommend that you customize perfume boxes to make customized packaging a product selling point.

As we can see, the perfume is placed in a glass bottle. The glass bottle is transparent and solid color, without any printing. Just by perfume bottle, it is difficult to distinguish the brand and characteristics of the perfume. But for custom packaging for perfume, you can use the printed content of perfume packaging to allow customers to quickly understand the required information, including perfume capacity, composition, characteristics and brand. Well-designed packaging and printing content can become one of the product’s competitive advantages, allowing perfumes to maximize their sales potential.

In addition to square boxes, perfumes can also be packaged in Black cardboard tubes. Since most perfume glass bottles are cylindrical, round boxes will be a very good choice. Inside the paper tube, an EVA ring base is inserted to fix the perfume glass bottle, so that the perfume remains stable during transportation and sales. Print the brand logo on the top of the paper tube, an important factor in promoting the product and brand. We can also provide you with targeted perfume boxes packaging solutions according to your specific needs. Welcome to contact us.

Black cardboard tubes packaging for perfume boxes

black cardboard tubes packaging for perfume boxes,The inside of the paper tube has a black flocking blister as a base for fixing and protecting perfume glass bottles custom black cardboard tubes packaging for perfume boxes,Fashionable, high-end product packaging can better reflect the value of perfume, and will allow customers to increase their trust in perfume. small cardboard tubes packaging for perfume boxes,The thickness of the paper tube is 1.2mm, which is sturdy and durable, and can protect the fragile perfume glass bottle. simple black cardboard tubes packaging for perfume boxes.The black paper tube consists of three parts, the inner tube base, the outer tube base and the outer tube body part of the paper tube. black cardboard tubes packaging boxes wholesale.The special black imitation cloth paper is used as laminated paper, which can improve the aesthetics of the paper tube and is helpful for the value of the product. black cardboard tubes perfume packaging boxes with logo.This paper tube brand label uses a special emboss printing process to give consumers a good touch and visual sense.

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