Biodegradable and eco friendly tea packaging boxes

Biodegradable and eco friendly tea packaging boxes

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Referral FOB price: $0.05-$0.38/pcs according to customization

MOQ: 500 pcs

We are factory in Shenzhen, China, customization available for structure, color, printing, conception, etc.

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Tea is one of the most popular foods in the world, widely recognized and continues to be accepted by more people in a more rapid form. Tea does not contain any additives or harmful substances, but it has the effect of refreshing and maintaining energy. The competition for tea is fierce, and it is necessary for various brands and companies to promote the harmless and brand value of tea to consumers through certain forms. Customized eco friendly tea packaging boxes will be the best choice to visualize the many advantages of products and brands to consumers.

Plastic bags made of ethylene are not naturally degradable in the environment, and their use as tea packaging will cause great harm to them. Biodegradable tea packaging made of paper has been valued by various tea brands and meets the needs of environmental protection, giving consumers a responsible brand image. The tea is divided into small packages in biodegradable tea packaging, which can effectively keep it fresh during the use of tea. However, it is necessary to package a large number of small tea leaves in a large carton outer box.

This Chinese-inspired tea packaging design is done by our design team and hopes to help you get inspired. The packaging is based on 350g of SBS, making the cost of manufacturing the package low, even at a minimum cost of less than $0.10. Through the packaging design template, we found that this tea packaging can be completely folded , taking up very little space and greatly reducing the cost of transnational transportation of packaging. Because the package is customizable, you can print any content in the package, embodying your product features and brand value in the tea box packaging. More information, we can provide you 24 hours a day, please feel free to contact us.

Biodegradable and eco friendly tea packaging boxes

biodegradable and eco friendly tea packaging template,This package can be completely tiled and fully folded, which will facilitate the storage and transportation of the package. biodegradable tea packaging boxes,The packaging design is based on Chinese elements and is helpful for displaying Chinese tea packaging culture. custom eco friendly tea packaging boxes wholesale,We can provide you with a variety of tea box packaging samples and solutions custom biodegradable tea packaging boxes.This type of package is light and easy to carry, and inexpensive, does not add excessive extra cost to tea. biodegradable and eco friendly tea packaging boxes wholesale.This package is completely biodegradable in the natural environment and will not cause any pollution to the earth. biodegradable tea packaging boxes wholesale.Packaging is in line with environmental policies and is critical to the future development of the product. biodegradable and eco friendly tea packaging design,The design of the packaging is mainly based on Chinese elements.

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